Track Lines for Deep Draft Vessels (Cruise Ships)

The following 2018 Links include the track line and sailing calendars of cruise ship traffic. For just the track line information use the 2015 links. Some schedule changes may be due to medical emergencies, rescue operations, or inclement weather. There will be no prior notice; the prudent mariner will use the ETA’s with caution. Please review the Cruise Ship Flyer for cruise ship  maneuverability information such as if you are 10 feet above the water and can see the cruise ship waterline it is 3.7 NM away they can travel 2 NM in 6 minutes at 20 knots.  To stop when they are traveling more than 20+ knots and are in full astern it still takes at least 1/2 a mile to stop.

2017 Cruise Ship Flyer edited

2018-Dupont – Gastineau Channel

2018 Little Island ETA  – Lower Lynn Canal/Boat Harbor THA

Generally in Lynn Canal the following can be expected:
Ships northbound tend to be coming from Juneau or Glacier Bay and are traveling at approximately 10‐14 kts.
Ships southbound sailing in the afternoon tend to be sailing for Ketchikan or Victoria and are traveling at approximately 18‐22 kts.
Ships southbound sailing late in the evening tend to be sailing for Juneau, Glacier Bay or Tracy Arm and are traveling at approximately 10‐14 kts.

2018-Point-Baker – Sumner Strait

2018-Sitka –  Vitskari to Dock/Deep Inlet

The following track lines have been established to try and minimize conflicts between commercial fishermen and cruise ships.  They have moved the line so it goes back through the middle of the Boat Harbor SHA because the cruise ship vessels were too close together when the North bound and South bound vessels met in that area, so the line is back to the line that has been in place since 1997 or so.   The intent is that fishermen will keep a minimum of 0.2 off the track line.  The pilot’s association has changed the northern end corridors to a single track line to be consistent with Sumner Straits.   Below are links to the area charts and the 2015 Lynn Canal ESTIMATED cruise ship schedule (can change).  The Charts have waypoints for easier input into your computers.

Southern Lynn Canal Deep Draft – Gillnet Agreement May 2015

Upper Lynn Canal Deep Draft – Gillnet Agreement May 2015

Pt Arden Deep Draft – Gillnet Agreement May 2015

Sumner Strait Deep Draft – Gillnet Agreement May 2015

Southeast Alaska (Marine) Pilot’s Association (SEAPA) Website

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