SEAFA is a non-profit organization  representing our membership involved in the salmon, crab, shrimp and longline fisheries.
Our mission is to preserve, promote, protect and perpetuate the commercial fishing industry in Southeast Alaska, in particular the salmon, crab, shrimp and longline fisheries of Southeast Alaska; to further promote legislation, conservation, management, safety at sea and the general welfare for the mutual benefit of all members.
Be sure to provide your email address and mark that you want to receive the SEAFA E-Newsletters by email otherwise you won’t receive them.
SEAFA Accepts credit card payments – please pick the appropriate membership level.  The four fishery divisions are salmon, crab, shrimp and  longline/groundfish.  Donations are appreciated.  If you provide your email address on the credit card form, it is an acknowledgement that  you will be signed up for SEAFA E-Newsletters.


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