High Seas Drift Netter Being Turned Over to Chinese Authorities

The Coast Guard issued a press release on the 7th of September outlining a joint investigation into a fishing vessel suspected of illegal high seas drift net fishing five hundred miles east of Hokkaido, Japan.  The US Coast Guard with a Chinese Fisheries Enforcement Officer onboard, intercepted and boarded the Lu Rong Yu 6007 and are now escorting the vessel until it can be transferred to the custody of a Chinese Fisheries enforcement cutter.  They verified that the vessel was rigged for large scale high-seas drift net fishing and the cargo hold was full of various species of fish including shark and swordfish.  They also spotted an additional 3,000 yeards of nearby drift nets in the water which the Lu Rong Yu 6007 claimed was not his.

The full press release is at http://coastguardnews.com/china-us-and-japan-cooperate-against-high-seas-drift-nets/2007/09/08/

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